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And advice provided on the following program is on an individual basis as they should not consider today’s discussion as a recommendation for. Many investment and she carefully evaluate before investing. TCU yeah we’ll see. Who’s talking and you teach. Hello and welcome to the show your real estate today I’m told Jamison Jamison reviewer Carol Williams Jamison property investments Jamison property management. Here as your host today we’re glad you’re with us on this strangely. Drizzly slash overcame a slash. Whatever surrendered to the news. I’m ready for a warm weather I don’t know what to rest anybody anyway we’re here we’re live from the WB TV studios in that Jamison realty studio. Here at WB 2 AM here when my good friend Preston salmon from home inspection Carolina he is back to share a lot of good inside paper stood naked from the ball. Graduate Mahan. So we got a lot to talk about today I’m gonna give you a little bit of an update about what’s going on in the marketplace we’re gonna talk about seven hottest outdoor accessories. And then we’re gonna dues some reflections from some of the things that I saw this week as people prepare to put their house on the market. Preston’s gonna give us some spring home maintenance checklist items and some GF CI ground fault it’s something then sort enersys circuits that are actors or directors you almost out of your close I’d just say GF CI. They took the loss and thank god out what the button. Honest. Stuff so we’re gonna talk a little bit about that. And much much more and remember this is live I got my buddy George on the board today welcome back George. And we have got. The front lines open so here’s what happens. You dial this number 70457. Know 1110704. 5701110. Current George is here he picks up the phone you put your question to him. Along when your phone number in case we lose you and then we put you on the air so the shows about real estate so if you’re calling. To talk about anything other than that I’m not so sure we’ll have the answer we might make up something. But if it is about real estate anything having to do with your home if you’re a buyer and a seller and investors you’re an individual and and I investor and you’ve got some management things going on your thinking about making changes to your house and you wanna talk about it. And what is the value proposition that you have a house a piece of land. Anything’s having to do with real estate. That’s a big sees it it’s a big subject right now and I just record response the other day talking about all the noise on in the marketplace and and there’s a lot of so. Let’s first talk about some things that are going on right now things are heating up and so were prices. So matter of fact I was involved with the transaction with a builder. And right now they’re raising their prices two and a half percent per quarter. Per quarter while. Net currency neutral that’s insane. And I. On the contrary. There’s a shortage in construction in the construction workforce making. The market a real challenge to get these houses done so obviously you can see a part of the problem that these builders are having is. The labor to keep up with some of the demand absolutely makes a big difference than approached it tells us. OK here we go on another subject squirrel here squirrel their living with a roommate. We’ll save you approximately. 650. Dollars per month if you live in an apartment a one bedroom nationally now averages 14186. Dollars per month and a two bedroom. 16150. To harsh perhaps. He’s doing a game or carry a big shout out of thanks to Melissa and Jim and Allen Tate. And the only reason I’m doing that is because these folks and I last night worked until 11 o’clock to get a deal done last night way past my bedtime they did a great job it was a pleasure to work with them and I look forward to working more of them. It in the future good job guys and thank you for your hard work no computer algorithm idea for you know gentlemen before Mozilo there. Our rates. You’re darn right there’s threaten and affordability but here’s the big UT. People. We’re still facing greater rates than we faced I know George and I are old enough I don’t know about you Preston to remember. And property pitchers or by poets from the national FFF. I call popular choice of minor on rice paper. No okay. So on the table for hope that’s right. If you’re thinking about making a move don’t stall too long rates are supposed to go up four times this year wrote. According to the new head of just like the builders had a farm and him exactly two and a person that won’t grow that much turmoil grew up 10% this year cart. You know the expression history repeats itself well friends. I just wanna say. I think that we are. And will face. Another downturn in the market. It’s not time right now also make hay while the sun shines by Shelby confident but be Smart and it reminds me of the expression from the guy that manages. I’m more money for my wife and I passed in the questions millions more and more nasty must have Marty. I say do you think the market’s gonna hit 30000 or 20000. Pounds and he said yes. It’s just a matter of which way it’s gonna go first. History will repeat itself. Well parliament some of if the rates are definitely going up is a really good time to lock in. Yes I’m saying you make hay while the sun shines now it Brooklyn. What the hey he’ll HA IL hail damage can affect eat affect your roof. And even your windows. Check it out before you Lister house one of the worst things to do Preston would be to have want your guys come over to look at the roof and go. Players hail. Damage up there right why don’t you call your insurance company in the middle of the transaction. That’s not functional my track record. OK so here again. We are putting our we’re standing up press and our standing on the counter right now if you’re watching a live feed on FaceBook you know we’re not really telling the truth. But let’s just say figuratively were standing on the counter right now talking into the microphone. This is why you do a pre inspection and read it right wrist and right this is your big moment yes this is free inspection man Jim. All those problems worked out on the front end before you do and in negotiations. Because what happens is like Paul alluded to that he and the other agents. You know that they worked out a price I mean the seller comes down as much as they’re gonna come down to the buyer comes up as much as they’re gonna come out not to. And did you find out you got another problem. And it’s gonna toss money it’s just imagine if you could have found out about those problems way earlier stream you can get multiple us minutes. It just would have prevented this thing from going south funny yes. Why he yes then go person you know I had an amen for that. Cat can I give you to a two on things about real damage to know if you got it yes. All right to Lisa knows he got killed image if everybody in the neighborhoods got a brand new roof except you. And number 20 and I’m not kidding this is you know that Obama does little if they’re rising and you were. But you know. Obviously there’s all kinds to heal damage but look at the metal only Ruth like your flu news or your gutters and look for little deem it little things in it that that’ll be a telltale. And Bernama we’re not talking about sleek or Paramount pyramid structure. Our last if you are a flipper. Tony seventeen was a banner year nationally. However I don’t know about the margins that you had to face so be careful it is a betting man’s game 2000. And shed 207088. Homes reflecting Tony seventeen which represents five point 7%. Of all the sales last year well unless it is at an eleven year high but Charlotte didn’t even make the list of top flipping cities. Remember we got a 109 people a day coming into. Okay demand is high inventory is world. Most people don’t flip on the upper end they flipped on the lower end and that is where we are. At our worst as it relates. Take inventory. Right. So we’re about to go to break when we come back we’re gonna talk about some spring home maintenance things we got some hot ideas for Tony seventeen. Preston is here with Thomas rushing Carolina I’m here Paul Jamison your house would Jamison realty with Callaway and Jamison property investments Jamison property management. Sure you’re real estate today. James Wilson he’ll win Jamison property investment and property management so glad you witnessed today. Here I’m with Preston salmon from home inspection Carolina. So if you wanna call 7045711107045701110. Never realistic question. Home question renewal questions investment question. We hear so called us otherwise we just don’t keep yet to. All right so feel free to reach out if you’d like all right so Preston you brought me today. The list of spraying at home. Maintenance. Things. That’s right it is sparing no. All seem like it’s because they’re not today not today. Yesterday a little look at yeah exactly so tell me a little bit about some of the things. On the inside you mean the weather changed on the inside and had no but I do at North Carolina you get all four seasons in about. 14 ups. For. Well look let’s yeah have a list here checklist ought to be good in that first and they segue into the other thing we’re talking about. But the personal list is to check your electrical outlets for potential far. Hazards such as frayed wires. Loose fitting clothes. Makes your outlets. Fuse boxes or breaker boxes would probably be more pro apropos. An extension cords are not overlooked. So what is your definition of an overloaded extension. He’s got two adapters on it and seven. Love surge protector yeah saying logo for the U and fortunately if you live in an older house they didn’t you know they didn’t requires many plug Salim people run multiple multiple plugs. If you can go to breaker box you can hear common and that — does that break or just want to troops could but. It’s not singing you a solemn that’s not a good thing so basically check all your outlets. Make sure they’re not loose make sure you’re not overloaded on any particular wind and take a break box make sure that’s not harming. But could we segue into our other thing while we’re talking about that and come back in the spring and please say go away segue. From coastal ecology of Seattle slower edge. Jane you have seen yeah DSCR. Is. An acronym for ground fault circuit in rosters he’s half point in her yeah. These are those outlets you see with a little button. And if you have. Have a house built in the 1960s. Or fifties or anything like that. It wasn’t required. So I wanna talk a little bit about that the purpose of these is to keep this to keep us from being shocked or electrocuted. Slightly different for the purpose of breaker breaker is key to house burned. And what that is if you have an overloaded outlet or something that’s gonna create a lot of heat that can generate far. That breakers can trip. The way or ground fault circuit interrupt their work what works is it monitors the voltage in if there’s any variations in that voltage it trips. So this is the idea was if you had. Electricity near water it would quickly trip it before you got shocked or electrocuted. Do we want to do some of the day. Certainly I do OK so the most common one is in this comes back home inspection report all. Jazeera burgers in a bathroom. Well what council what you with the house bill and Justin how Serena didn’t have any outlets in the bathroom. You know get us. He’s to be in the light fixture fell while nice. Smartly doesn’t. I don’t want extension cords and everything remained confident that no I don’t blow change. Well they did Newt back pin hair dryer was Chandler the real many here in order and they blazers won’t electorate there right right we didn’t have a whole lot of but it looks let’s go through this in 1970 fop. Gypsy outlets were required in the bathroom. And outside receptacle so anything built after 1975. It should have. It feels bill before the end it it’s not required it’s certainly good idea but you can’t make somebody like at home inspection changed him. In less they do a major remodel you know over 30000 dollars or they add an addition to and that is gonna be required he brought it to space coast are going. 1981. Is within ten foot of a spa or hot again it’s the waters you know you don’t throw lob electricity you want it to be able to click off immediately some of them jumping in with a toaster MB I mean if you unplug that try to you know there’s a couple Hormuz it ended that way and I was like is that house built before 1980 won’t affect us a pass and rapids the TSA passenger. But anyway 1987. It’s just yet as required in basements. In kitchens within six foot of the seat kitchen sink. And that’s kind of important because later it’s all kitchens scalpers but from 1987. Until nineteen. 896. It was just required within six foot a sink. 1990s. It’s required to crawl spaces. Crawl spaces crawl spaces yes so that if you didn’t if you got a light or something you know you’re gonna have. An outlet in there. Now the one thing that’s kind of funky about this is if you’ve got a sump pump plugged into the use which is designed to get water out of your crawl space. Need to check that periodically make sure that outlived its plugged into who has tripped and now you’re getting no water crawl spaces not being dumped out as children. Lose that seems can. Skelter yeah. I’m kind of with the don’t mad it’s just. Something needed says there’s checked every so often so just pour some water down into your sump pump and make sure it’s go one or checked India or if you got the hard part Preston is sometimes. The GS CI outlet that actually has the button on it. Isn’t that different part of the house and where the war you know I’m saying good good I’m glad. Brought got a pulse a lot of times they’ll be two or three outlets downstream from the GS yeah like much in the bathroom. So you got an outlet is not working but there’s no but known that it’s actually another button upstream you know that one with a button may control to a three outlets. So you’ve got to find where that mud. And we get calls all atomic removing and pat pat bathroom county drama here tracks not work and how did you check this. And I might have to talking through it like for tomorrow to give me despite going only bathrooms look for one with a button on. It may or may not have a life don’t push that resent it oh yeah they’re cool. So how many times do you think that happens a month. It it’s one at least once a week and it happens that happens that’s in the garage to voter only and you better be careful in the garage because when you gotta freezer full of meat there are some times they you know good that that can be a bad thing completely true hearted film without power for a couple days. But anyway to close it out 1990 threes wet bar saints. In 1996. Is. Grade level and unfinished accessory buildings like Al buildings. All outdoor set goals and all counter tops in the kitchen so anywhere on the kitchen where there’s countertop. Should have a juicy outlook. But you don’t want to want refrigerator. And that’s Jabil camp so that tells you what constant power to hear what’s on the trip here your refrigeration for sure. Yeah so really what’s left. Other than bed room receptacle is among the living room. Pretty much in the bedroom. After 2002 they have some called it art fault circuit in Europe too which is. Little bit different. Not to hold different definition but it’s meant to protect UT’s so right. Pretty soon everything it seems can competitor until some sort of suit. Protection only okay you know Ford accept that thank you for government and I think that’s. Yes we had a nice discussion also hear about government control lips could have hurt us before have so so let me just ask you this Preston shut down. A lot of times to use mistaken with the outlet name I’ll go into a bedroom and now see. And and the dvd old tradition was if you flip the outlet upside down that’s typical one that’s for a light switch to ride control though right now it seems they’re all upside down the track. Alluded to eagerly at the end literally armed. Yeah that’s later change and some of the rules on matter. Well I don’t know if there’s actually a rules Canada lets you know who I mean that the thought was if you had a layup plugged into an outlet you’d have to cross a darkroom eternal life. He could turn into the light. But unfortunately a lot of times people don’t realize that they were turning their own off. I had wanted to you know I kept my door refrigerator from college in a little dorm for literally I don’t want it kept that from entail. And it is also during the game but it was plugged into its. And inevitably somebody hit a light switch to turn that thing off and when he went to go get a cold brew hot current. So I had puts duct tape over that particular swish struck. There’s a long we had their moments we have all these light switches that we had you know tape over top by the please do not leaders put a good impression. That’s really good show what’s it take for him. If you’re all so much more to go the show your real estate today remember if you wanna talk to us 7045. So I don’t know 1110704. 5701110. We’re talking anything everything. Haven’t you do Israel states or stay with us we’re here live in the WBT studios don’t show. You’re real estate today here on news or 1110993. WBT will be right back stay with us welcome back. Show your realistic to them I was told Jamison Jamison realty with Carol Williams Jamison property management Jamison property investments here Preston Salem. Home inspection Carolina. Preston. But time we’ve given some great spring tips OK so Coke kind of going in the theme about sides here are seven. Hot. Outdoor living accessories that people can waste I mean spend their. It’s totally my wife listen to me there would be some socialist or like this senator hinged. Truly the great. Grill the mall owners favored the article I read it’s called the little barbecue that could. How many that was a good when you can put you can buy that the only it’s a table top size propane grill. Ice and this bad boy evidently can cook now here’s one I didn’t expect to see on the list. The Pope to put the pedal at the petite pizza oven. For the outdoors. Could burn it it is a wood burner. Then evokes the summer. And it cost a tone. The pace so make that would be you know you have to share. How liked things that are easy at sounds like keep wood burner like you gotta I mean he got to go to the extent of coconut Pete’s outside on the wooed. I don’t know I like I don’t know the pain I’m in I hear accurate turn proclaim don’t concern it’s often lewd. It shouldn’t throw it if you could poured gas on the blogs and actually learn your pizza tastes like at the mall here are so the next one. The ravishing. Quote here’s the air quotes real furniture. They’ve got lines of furniture now that are nicer than the inside furniture. So. Forget about gay you know forget about what inside anymore spend your moloch. On the outside get you some furniture and I don’t think we’re talking about you know the stuff that. That. I pick up with the habitat storm and and I just stuff that comes from have reduced or something that I do love that outdoor furniture but. I love Ali I mean they’ve made it so it’s you’d be in all I can stop which leads into the next one number four classy carpet. For the outdoors who’d have thought. You know I thought that. I always had this vision. Happen either my yard. Fully pea gravel. Or Astro turf so you would have to moments I know just blow it. Our vacuum that and we’re done it can you treat you did it like alternative strike so it looked like it was just mood to humility now it looks 802 outs so if so that would that would be the way to do it so listen you know the thing is now they’re saying these outdoor rugs. Half a day or like designer rugs for routes around there and they don’t mold their stain resistant their UV protected. I mean come home. It’s gotten a little nicer you know shot GO prints like you get a giant zebra. Backyard you know my daughter had a track meet yesterday. Stadium with the new Astroturf you looked just like really get back and we played an Astroturf bills like the veil back to satellite feels horrible yeah horrible but man did it looks just like real glasses just being cut man you know live it do don’t hold destroyed this was ahead based tennis courts and had the singing and you know ahead play it a war that was pretty cool. Yeah our domain clever or our will will be what the gorgeous or clever cooling systems. They now have fancy fans and cooling systems that operate with ministers and all kinds of things that you operate from your phone oh yeah man they had these. The ball they had these down he’ll hit it to salty dog so to speak fans in the head like water like a little suppose winning it. Pelletier received Prodi’s staying in shoots out the mist of water and blows my and it also schooled in how little wanna lose it I needed to come down to the lower price of sure that it has so sore right now you can operated from your phone so think about sitting under a minister with yourself from public may have been it was kind of one medically need one of these high to mourn their work on talking general. Are stylish shades. Designed after the concept of a sale SA AIL. Non USA LA. It for like a boat sail for a deck patio or porch. Did you tons of privacy great for apartments. And Haydn. From the neighbors. I like all those things all the only thing worries me about those is if you have a big storm commode or are they going to be sick. We had one of those tents on time and it wound up four houses down its. It’s like a big storm if you if you live on the lake and you’ve brought in a whole bunch of sand and there’s a big storm and ends up or Washington over to your neighbor who I don’t mean to be negative and it’s all right class drawn as the fire pit madness oh I’m only they have a fire pit called the chairman Nia. Not probably not pronouncing that right. It’s portable or round and it’s miniscule. And it’s great for apartments. And patios that Chaman the I’m all about far that’s the thing now you have tar pit nearby sits around it’s cool when it’s too I just I just got the propane fire pits that’s when I. I just don’t talk to you littered yup junior did I don’t know as a kid and the other than the flip mullah foreign heads to the front part when you allied it’s you know in the gas is gone and you don’t click click click any chance of snow yeah you have to check your eyebrows are still litter all I’ll call my your hair’s gone Meyer browser goal and that’s also all right Joseph we have we have beat that subject to debt are you doing. Very good at all. They’re all done in Iraq you know and I got a how what the garage now to Colorado yeah. Don’t think that populate the hackable garage. In the end is like the bad you might reveal that the money out of that by doing that I would hold up well wouldn’t well. What kind of garage you build and you don’t mistake bill when you bring in and one of those pre February. No no no no no no we didn’t stick built little little little little mat step how everything exactly work out of those things writing and all showing jingle all the old old mind your. Do you live in a rancher a two story home. Are. Okay is most of your neighborhood family. Pretty fair race. Okay I’m gonna give you the giant thumbs up Joseph do you know why it is impressionist who do you know why I’m giving you the giant thumbs up. Well her. If you look at the majority of people nowadays. They have a ton of stuff yeah TU FFN I’m am I am guilty as well they’re so. So storage is always a premium as it relates to the value of the home. Turn. I think you are brilliant. Because if you decide to go out and do that and it matches your home it doesn’t look like an eyesore it doesn’t look like it was brought in on a truck and I am. And gonna you know be able to be brought out on a truck and you do it the way it sounds like you are. Man you’re gonna add value to your home. Due to broker Angelina you know what does that that there’s another named for three car garage right. You don’t notice so it’s a southern basement. That’s pretty it’s just that’s that’s our basement here in the sense that this is to put that term come from is that is that as Charlotte don’t pay into it but Joseph I think that is a great question. Because I won’t tell you I’m doing the same thing at my own personal house right now accept that because of the nature away restrictions I had done attached the roof lines. Past I can tell you. That whenever I pay in that I’ll get my money back and then some that’s one of the reasons we moved to the house were written down for the third garden or. Russian guys sure do well what about one about the low. It’s also bad and were and the pattern patio now it’s not screened in order to make it a lot to look green in order to end or at or below. Pergo is a zero. There were screened porch were add value but not at the level of heated square footage and Roy had some value. You know like let’s say your home is worth. You know 200 dollars a square foot just to use round numbers. Are you might get 25 dollars a square foot from the screen porch. Fairly well Bob what about the avenue like of Don room. Well that becomes heated square footage that’s a whole different ballgame and that depends on the finishes if you insulate it. Proof that she did coolant gas well. That becomes our some. So loss. He did square footage myself so if you’re gonna do it. You know like can we have worked with a company called. Architect and Charlotte or renew crew. Or do what I tell you what I I am not paid anything by them I use them. I give you I’m clear endorsement they got their act together man there are there to build my garage tons of well. There are so. There’s there’s a free endorsement for a new crew and hopefully your referral for you that I’ve used them personally and I really liked him. Gallery at the deck out your work with a super guy in in not. Then these forward and then wave of the screen and that also outlook on. Or yeah Turk can’t runs a top notch operation. Double money Mike Englund is a sales rep over there and they they got good people they got good cruise they do a great job. I woke with a government ball when he was fantastic. Yeah well I think I think it’s well worth it and I’m I think Jamaican some really good decision so I apology for that chip preparedness and Richard very you know it’s all right have a great day this. We’ll talk can’t go back to your thoughts our break time we got 45 seconds what do we got. OK we gotta we gotta we gotta close up won’t pick it up when we come back hated Dave itself out there. Here’s texted me and our guys. This is the show you real estate today were happier women stay when this call us or. Just hang analysts of the show you’re realistic today here on news 1110993. Got DDT. Arrived in Iraq announced the final segment of the slow them. Georgian flag is air drums over on the other side 7045701110. If you’d like to talk to Preston and I. Should she show you real estate today if you’re just tuning him. Anything and everything having to do with real estate property investment managing around the house or fixing doing. Taking care of 704570211. Told them her okay. Want to Preston. Continue our spring checklist. For the same token. And I think. You know a lot of these things who we kind of squirrel we started on the inside talking about electrical outlets and we went to the GFC. Squirrel. Score shady deal we did take appeals this morning it’s kinda host. So I’m coming gimme a brief synopsis of a couple of the inside once again imposed and outside loans. And I would have expected I didn’t really think about that inside. Sure sure. Well it’s a good time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Definitely yeah and if you have a fire extinguisher checked you know to make sure you know there’s a little the dollar to make sure that it’s you know got the proper you could eventually those things we get a little bit. You get proper pressure and whatnot. But you definitely want to check. Change batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors yep definitely. The next thing I would go to your water heater. Not hot water heaters on people it’s a water heater. But it’s couple things to check for there. And there’s two different types where the have a gas water heater or an electric water heater. It’s probably gonna be attached and if it’s above living area like somewhere like in a panic or something like that check that for water. It’s gonna have a TPR valve on a ball. Which is a temperature pressure relief I don’t know who looks like. Cork with a handle on that is correct and there’s a spring in and and the reason for that is it for some reason you were keeps heating malfunction but you don’t wanna touch that attracts. So he would take those things off it would be a bomb. But it’s meant to relieve but anyway over Tom DeLay its spring starts to depressed and it it did they just need to be replaced so you’ve checked in it for leaks is what you chipped in for. Aside from that check for corrosion that sort of thing and that you have called quarter. You know you know a lot of people on and timber pick you up in just a second about Matthews so hang tight. The for a a lot of people are advertising a hot water heater. And maintenance. Yeah where they check question that and yeah. Armed I recommend correct me that’s a good thing yeah because what happens is sediment builds up in the bottom of your water heater. And over time can aged little quicker than it would if you yeah you know just. Alison it’s akin to rotate your tires and car did you know it’s made its meaning John hair out of your tires right right. I’ll have to step up but basically there’s a drain on the bottom of the water heater. Then it’s you can dream which can be careful here I don’t know fold televised do this and it’s right above there there’s got to turn the heat source all favourite family and stuff there there’s. I mean it was so expensive it’s like seventy books via its I think that’s how aggressive I do that such digital I can do a bit. Thirty Burks who wants Steelers game needs money. More efficient and it does not trust with some guy June 5. If you can dictate to them jump on whether it’s what you got. Yeah so the opportunity to buy a lot you have to use. I’m disappointed there probably don’t know how to hold for a couple years is it that. You know our community that property values go up by X percent this year or maybe that’s a long term. Our section so the next couple years the value in trying not lots locations. All right so let me ask your specific question general a general specific question. What area of Matthews is a lot the end you know I I know Matthews pretty well like I do a lot of areas using it. Course in downtown isn’t on the other side of 74 where is. So I don’t particularly when I played good or bad. That area. Well yeah I’m pretty familiar with home prices are absolutely. Yet Tim grab a simple purpose of you are just say what you really need to yeah just grab a the values or are moving great you know the fact that they put a light on reverend Elaine. Makes life Aaron and get ready to makes life really good. They made it through the school. A change now of course that can always change. But there’s a lot of people fighting. And lot of money behind make insure that those schools are protected in Matthews especially around that area. So you know I’d I’d I don’t have the ifs and buts in the idiosyncrasies of which one exactly but I think I know what you’re talking about. And you know I think as long as you. I know what their houses are selling for around you ’cause I know they’re selling like crazy. I would say to you yes. First port report which. Let you know it in order to build wow what kind of dollar per square footage which we look at. In that area. Based on the Fitch finishing condition of most of the homes in that area at least a couple hundred bucks a square foot. Yeah all right so if you wanna call me Tim offline and asking me more specifics. About a particular lot. I can give you real clear answers. So. Any time my friend be well. Okay. Are pressed himself. True smoke detectors we got light bulbs. Yes let’s plottage. Not a lot of people are put me LED bulbs and then inter Milan Italy V fixtures as a matter. Yeah I think it’s OK I would read the directions to see if there’s anything against it that you know I think we’re going to listen only. It is actually hard to do you get the old incandescent bulbs and once she put one LED bold it’s kind of got a white. Blight and the other loans kind of a gold and the Russians got Tommy did. She always can make it polls showed that area notes from since they aren’t new they have their dominant in the mark the Russians. Bulbs have been taken over well the funny thing is you if you’ve got two outside ones daily deal we’ve got to change other announcements like yellow white or yellow light kind you know it’s like. My sorrow sorrow carry. So we give me two or 34. Hi Abe value outside. Com checked the roof definitely check through it’s been through the winner. Check your daughters to make sure that you know you haven’t had a lot of ifs Dixon. Tree branches that sort of thing. I cough button yeah cough button. Carl word late sorry that’s what. They’re like oh he’s still going outside hairball there OK so anyway check the trees and bushes make sure their trend it’s gonna increase Europe. Efficiency of your heating cooling. And this will not I would check. I will say outside although it’s kind of more the garage make sure your oil and gas for your mowers and things like that are in a safe place. Away from border leaders especially if they’re gas away from combustion you wanna keep the gas warm. If walk over to Marco superhero we are the cardinal are that appear ball girls who do man news. Don’t carry so what about something about the driveways and walkways and things you’d. I notice that’s always on the report yeah it’s good times checkered driveway for any cracks. Things like that a good time to pressure wash relate to written news pressure washes it looking good pre spring cleaning. I hope nobody put ice down for the winner. To melt I mean Christ salts. That it does get doubled to sponsor this show but. So that’s subtle stuff I’ve salt is so bad for country you know to put the rock salt down it just hope it’s good but it war or else. It works to to that salt water gets down and it causes your own country probably did just cracking. Just get you saw it gets all party. Yeah which yucky religious checked for cracks. You know opinion if you got any trees that are causing the root cause some damage you might wanna do something there as well. Yeah you know one of the nice things that we have. We have been able to eliminate this year. And and remember I like trees panorama tree guy. But the Gumbel trees home. A man. Do you not like Mason gumbo trees I do not. I’ll tell you know the answer your scene as cottonwood trees and it content stuff gets all over everything air conditioning hello man they’re terrible the dog yes. I don’t choose amendment through some up on the and it’s correct it’s great. Anyway yeah. And real quick. We don’t I don’t know if we’ve got a whole lot of time on the aluminum wiring peace but. Why should we care okay well that goes back to political scene we were talking about just yes aluminum wiring rules do in this 1960s. And I didn’t Vietnam warrior. And the problem was that aluminum single branch wiring would explain it and that would calls a loose connect he’s got a visually yeah until she gets a lot of good guy yes but. Well if that expands from worst connected it’s kind of like you never jump to car with the jumper cables and when he connected it last bar you know what happens each on same thing if you got a loose wire. So anyway. In short there’s a fix for it short but passionate Taylor electrical humor there it’s just where the connections are you don’t have to rewire the whole house if you want it. Email us served give us a call. But if you got a little more and sometimes insurance can be a little funny about ensuring you but there’s an easy fix forward in our we can tell you all about it. Sounds good parent Walt thanks for being as how do people get in touch with you for their pre inspection. Home inspection Carroll on dot com. And 4704. Or 5146. Said. Or you can always reach me at 846 done. 8463663. 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