Professor Youngsook Park, South Korea’s Leading Futurist, Joins MobileBridge Momentum as Momentum Token Korea Director

Original Source    2018-03-28 20:03

ZUG, Switzerland–()–International leader in mobile engagement, MobileBridge (, announces that Youngsook Park, one of South Korea’s leading futurists and blockchain advocates has joined as Korea Director for the company’s blockchain-based platform, Momentum ( Professor Park specializes in the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, and assesses the impact the technologies will have on our futures. MobileBridge’s Momentum platform offers brands an innovative and more efficient way of enhancing brand-customer relationships, and enables businesses to better manage their feedback, incentive, and rewards processes in order to strengthen customer loyalty and business development.

The marketing industry has not only experienced financial growth, advances in technology have prompted innovation in the space and placed a focus on consumer experience and feedback. Momentum’s loyalty-driven marketing platform allows brands to reward customers in exchange for their attention, business, brand advocacy, and feedback, while giving the consumer full control over their personal data and a real monetary value for the support they’ve provided to the brand.

Professor Youngsook Park’s experience in various global blockchain initiatives, such as her position as Co-Chair of the Global Blockchain AI Council and Global Women in Blockchain, will further strengthen Momentum’s position to lead the marketing industry into a new digital era.

Eyal Oster, President and Co-Founder of MobileBridge Momentum, recently spoke at the Korean Chamber of Commerce alongside Professor Youngsook Park and other blockchain experts on blockchain, innovation, legislation and how to build competitive advantage using blockchain technology. Professor Park currently serves as Chair of the Millennium Korea Node and represents various global future research organisations such as TechCast Global and the DaVinci Institute.

“I am excited to join as the Korea Director of Momentum and strengthen an already very strong team of leaders,” says Professor Youngsook Park, “The reception of Momentum in Korea has been great and I see Momentum repressing a new class of Blockchain infrastructure which not only drives ethical business, it connects brands, consumers and suppliers around the world and allows for sustainability and creation of jobs.”

“I am very excited to have Professor Park join our team as she is a true visionary who can contribute strongly to our team with her experience as well as with her strong leaderships skills,” says Eyal Oster, President and Co-Founder of MobileBridge Momentum, “Professor Park is a perfect fit for Momentum.”

About Momentum:
MobileBridge’s Momentum platform is the first cryptocurrency-based, loyalty-driven marketing platform. MobileBridge has collaborated with brands such as Burger King, Volkswagen, Dansk, and Pirelli. MobileBridge’s Momentum platform offers brands the opportunity to launch their own branded cryptocurrency – an innovative, more efficient way of enhancing brand-customer relationships.

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