ALLN-The World’s First Airline Blockchain Project Is Born

Original Source    2018-04-02 15:04

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited announced today that they are going to publish the very first Airline aerospace blockchain application in the world, the Airline and Life Networking Token (ALLN). Huafu is looking forward to redefining the rules and usage of the cryptocurrency in the physical consumer market by prevalence and circulation of ALLN, and also the use of blockchain technology. Huafu hopes that there would be endless possibilities for the blockchain technology to be used in the aerospace eco-consumer market.

Furthermore, Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited also announced that they are going to strategic cooperation with Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT), which was founded in 1957, now with a 61-year history. Customers would soon be able to use ALLN to purchase Far Eastern Air Transport’s flight tickets and relevant services this year. Huafu hopes they could use certain share of the income of ALLN as a fund to purchase aircrafts and other peripheral assets. Besides promoting the application and circulation of ALLN, Huafu is also working hard to enhance airline services in Asia, especially many cities in China, reinforcing the route map of each area.

Considering the airline and traveling industry as a starting point, Huafu is expecting to expand the application of ALLN into consumption goods and even real estates. They are making effort to have this virtual currency applied to people’s daily life, either online or offline, anytime, and anywhere. It seems that a new consumption life style for consumers is just around the corner.

Although blockchain technology is a technical innovation recent years, it has been hardly used in the aviation industry. Strategically collaborating with the Far East Airlines, Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited built up the most advanced technical team focusing on building the aerospace blockchain application, and announced the appearance of the world’s first aviation blockchain ecological application Project “Airline and Life Networking Token” (hereinafter referred to as ALLN).

With the gradual expansion of ALLN in the physical consumer market, a lot more will be achieved in the future. The decentralized ALLN aims to be used not only in the flight services but other services of Far East Airlines as well including restaurants, tourism, medical cosmetology and real estate by combining more company business.

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