Ra Entertainment Inc. Introduces RACoin – Cryptocurrency For T…

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Ra Entertainment Inc. Introduces RACoin – Cryptocurrency For The Real World Gambling Industry

KIEV, Ukraine, April 4, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet / —

    Ra Entertainment Inc., a modern and innovative company, which is building a 
new Las Vegas based on the blockchain technology. They have successfully 
finished the pre-sale in only 2 days and ahead of schedule, raising almost $ 10 
000 000! The company succeeded in attracting the most influential funds and 
investors in Asia and Europe, proving its well-established credibility on the 
ICO market. After this breakthrough, Ra Entertainment Inc. has a chance to 
become one of the most successful token sales of 2018.

   (Logo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/662570/RAcoin_Logo.jpg )

    The public token sale starts on April 16th, 2018 and will last until May 
16th, 2018. The specialists have predicted that the project will be successful 
and will continue to attract venture capital and investments.

    RA Entertainment Inc. is a high-tech company focused on creating an 
advanced user experience in gambling. The team is focusing on developing and 
delivering effective and affordable solutions both for online and offline 
levels of interaction. It is building the Palau World Complex as a starting 
point to integrate blockchain ideas in a traditional gambling business. Palau 
World will be built and developed regardless of the outcome of the token sale. 

    The company has an ambition to introduce RACoin to the global gambling 
industry as well as the hotel and entertainment centres all around the world It 
has already started negotiations with the hotel complexes and gambling 
platforms in Asia and Europe, who will also incorporate RACoin into their 
infrastructure. RACoin is the first unified functional cryptocurrency, which, 
due to its advanced architecture, can be successfully used both on the internet 
and in non-digital spheres. This truly unique feature of RACoin makes it 
attractive for both businessmen, crypto-enthusiasts and ordinary users.

    Another great privilege and opportunity of RACoin is the jackpot 
participation. It will be played out each time the special standalone account 
accumulates 100,000 RAC. Along with the iterative "operation" jackpot there 
will be a one-time "crowd sale prize" from the "token sale" jackpot, 
exclusively designed for token purchasers, which will launch at the end of the 
public token sale.

    Now is the time when digital money is coming to life - everyone is able to 
enjoy the advantages of blockchain technologies which have become a reality 
with RACoin.

    Join the token sale now to experience a new level of gambling tomorrow. The 
blockchain is coming.  



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