Crypto Market Update (13 April 2018)

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April 13, 2018 — ADVFN Crypto NewsWire

General Market Outlook

After yesterday’s $1,000 spike Bitcoin (BTC) has continued an up trend. This has had massive effect on Altcoins. Crypto social media is flooded with “Alts are back!” Indeed, Altcoins are in the green across the board on most exchanges. One major example is Golem, their beta platform was released earlier this week, and has been received well – price of GNT is up over 65% in the past 24 hours.

The overall cryptocurrency market cap value is in a strong up trend, corresponding to the movement of Bitcoin (BTC) and Altcoins. This is indicative of new money entering the market, rather than movement of BTC holders to Altcoins.

Major Headlines

EU Fights Back Against Counterfeit Products 

Earlier this week the leaders from across the EU came together for Digital Day, where they address the most pressing issues of technology in relation to government. They are showing true commitment to the blockchain movement by jumping right into putting money allocated to research to work in tangible ways. Today they began a “Blockathon” to develop solutions to the growing problem of counterfeit products. They are providing a €100,000 cash reward to the winning project.

Yahoo Entering Entering Crypto

Rumors of Yahoo and the purchase of cryptocurrency exchanges have ben circling recently. Today, the company has affirmed purchase of stake in BitARG Exchange Tokyo. The 40% minority purchase is made through the Yahoo Japan Subsidiary of the overall Yahoo organization.

Brave Browser Launches $3 Million Reward Program & Adds Tor Tabs 

Brave is an open-source web browser based off of the Google Chrome platform. It has superior performance against pop-ups, advertisements and web-trackers. The browser shares much less of users’ data with websites. The feature that distinguishes it most form other browsers is the BAT token. It is a cryptocurrency that is used through the browser to exchange between publishers, advertisers, and users. Rather than silently giving the data of your Internet usage away, there is space for a return to the user.

The token is also very useful producing real value form internet content. Brave is making a big push to bring more value to their browser through a reward program: “Today we are distributing the first part of our Million Dollar referral program directly to online publishers and content creators. Brave will now transfer accrued BAT to publishers and creators on a recurring monthly basis.”

Their founder also Tweeted recently that they will be integrating Tor tabs. Tor is an anonymous web browser that totally removes tracking of a users location or browsing habits.

Top 5 Gainers

TOKYO (TOKC)  +148.04% at $0.006526

SHIELD (XSH)  +117.72% at $0.070760

Golem (GNT +90.81% at $0.555544

ACE (ACE)  +76.13% at $0.390935

DATx (DATX +56.76% at $0.028572

Top 5 Losers

Bismuth (BIS)  -68.93% at $1.72

BitSoar (BSR)  -59.28% at $0.046947

Maverick Chain (MVC)  -52.64% at $0.032270

MktCoin (MLM)  -29.40% at $0.019449

HODL Bucks (HDLB)  -22.19% at $0.116921

New Coins Listed

Globitex (GBX) added to IDEX

Digital Asset Exchange Token (DAXT) added to HitBTC

GoldMint (GOLD) added to Yobit

Etheal (HEAL) added to Yobit

SnapToken (SNPT) added to Yobit

Tyrtkov (TYV) added to Yobit

THEKEY (TKY) added to Bit-Z

By: BGN Editorial Staff

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