Enjoy the Fun of Guessing, the Guess Chain Builds the Global Leading Ecological Chain of Guess Forecast & Board and Card Games

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HANGZHOU, China, April 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — People have had a great deal of enthusiasm for guessing butting since ancient times. The earliest betting was the “Meng lottery” of Qin and Han Dynasties, which gold, silver or jade were put into a box covered with cloth curtain and attracted the tourists to bet, the winner would obtain the big bonus that 10 times of the value of the treasures in the box; after Daoguang Period of Qing Dynasty, a game named “Weixing”, also was called “Banghua”, was popular in the area of Guangdong, people could take part in the guess activity for the imperial examination, which the gamble was set by local important figures, participants could guess according to the statistical overview of the names and study situations of the candidates participating in the imperial examination; in the modern times, there are various matches or competitions including football game, horse racing, electronic sports and so on. Where there is competition, there will be guess, which shows the great demand for guess.

But the guess industry, due to lack of necessary supervision, only relies on the market discipline to operate, with the emerging of a lot of problems. The official platforms cannot prove that they do not perform black case work and the users also tend to be suspicious of platforms, which have a strong impact on the guess experience of users. Is there a way that users and officials can trust each other and fully enjoy the fun of guessing?

The recent popular blockchain technology fits the characteristics of being open, transparent and tamper-proof. The term has been mentioned numerous times recently. Its technical characteristics are perfectly identical to the pain points of guess industry. Through searching the Internet, the guess fans have actually found a project, Guess Chain, applying blockchain to the guess.

According to their official website and white paper, the Guess Chain is a full open-sourcing, distributed and public chain with guess forecast in the board and card games market, and the third generation of underlying blockchain system developed based on the inheritance of features and advantages of Bitcoin and Ethereum. And it will overturn the traditional guess forecast industry and board and card games industry.

How Guess Chain guarantees the fair of guessing in this regard? It is known that the forecast results of Guess Chain are judged by the smart Oracle. GUS is the token used in the community of Guess Chain, which users can use for betting of guess forecast. In the meanwhile, the electronic wallet will also be launched for storing the rewards of guessing.

Guess Chain not only focuses on guessing, but also helps the traditional board and card games companies to solve the problem of fairness. DApps developed by these companies can be connected into Guess Chain and operate on the Guess Chain smart contracts based on the cryptocurrency protocol. They can introduce the cryptocurrency GUS Coin of Guess Chain or issue tokens belonging to the projects based on Guess Chain.

The information of official activity poster shows that Guess Chain is carrying out airdrop activity: starting from April 18, users who join the Telegram or QQ groups and fill the wallet address can obtain reward of 20 GUS coins. They will be rewarded 5 GUS coins each time they have invited a new user. The upper limit of invitation reward is 50 coins.

The emergence of Guess Chain constructs a trust bridge between the guess fans and platforms, in which there’s no need for the platforms to prove their fairness to the users, or for the users to doubt whether the platform is carrying out black case work. The codes are in charge of everything and the fans only need to fully enjoy the fun of guessing. This is also one of the significances that we constantly delve into science & technology to keep the technology moving forward.

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