Why Traders should trade Bitcoin, ETH and other crypto currencies in Exness?

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Exness first times launched Bitcoin trading in September 2017. And so far, it’s always the most reliable Bitcoin broker. Currently, Exness also launched ETH, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple trading platform. And of course, Exness also offers the best trading conditions for the crypto currency.

Why Exness is the best trading platform for trading Bitcoin, ETH, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin and Ripple?

I have traded all these crypto currencies in Exness, XM, Hotforex and FBS at the beginning and know clearly their advantages, improvements,…

  1. Exness crypto currencies spreads are the lowest.

When Exness first times launched Bitcoin trading in September 2017, Exness spread is around 6$ per coin. And that is the reason why I trade Bitcoin but holding. Because I have to pay around 50$ commission to hold a Bitcoin. This commission is 8 times higher than trading Bitcoin in Exness. When Bitcoin price is higher and more volatile, Bitcoin spread is also higher. But Now, in low volatile Bitcoin price, Exness Bitcoin spread is around 7$. In high volatile condition, Exness Bitcoin spread is around 20$. This spread is much lower than other brokers.

In Feb 2018, Exness launched Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin and Ripple trading also. As you saw in above screenshot, Exness only charges 6$ spread for BCH, 3$ for ETH, 1$ for LTC and 0.05$ for XRP. This is extremely low spread that there isn’t any broker can compete.

  1. There isn’t charge commission in Exness

The good thing is Exness charges low spread and no commission. As usual, traders have to pay from 10$ to hundreds dollars commission to hold Bitcoin. And even trading Bitcoin in FBS, XM, FXTM, … you have to pay high spread/commission. Exness only charges low spread and no commission.

  1. There isn’t swap charge for trading Crypto currency in Exness.

Zero swap is the better trading condition. Most of brokers charge swap for crypto currency trading but Exness. Without swap, trading is nearly similar holding. You can keep your orders as long as you want. And you pay nothing for keeping the orders open. For me, I like trading (leverage =1) than holding. Because trading platform is much much faster than real buying/selling (holding). Faster means safer. Because in case of down market, you can sell your Bitcoin instantly. If you hold Bitcoin, in worse market, you can not sell you coins.

  1. Exness server is fast and stable

Exness server is the fastest. All orders will be executed in millisecond. So, Exness can lower spread, reducing gaps and slippages. Moreover, they get crypto quotes from some liquidity providers, so the quotes are more stable and better.

  1. Exness reputation.

Exness is a forex broker market leader. They got the highest trading volume in March 2018: $375bln. And Exness trading volume help them become the biggest retail forex broker. Moreover, for last 10 years, Exness always keep the good reputation. There isn’t scam report. So, it’s safe to trade in Exness.

  1. Exness offers the highest leverage to trade Crypto currency

For traders who like high leverage. Exness offers the highest leverage: 1:50. This is good for traders make more profit when there are clear trends. Of course, higher leverage, riskier.

  1. Exness payment system is perfect

You can deposit and withdraw through local banks in most of target countries such as: China, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam,… You also can use many payment method such as: Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money,… which are instant payment method. You can get your money within seconds. And no fee.

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