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HERO Token Community Update (May 2nd)

Dear HERO Community,

We are happy to announce that we have now released over 99% of the Hero Origen Tokens to token sale participants. We are targeting the final release of the remaining tokens in the next several weeks. Please help spread the word to the remaining token sale participants that they must register at membership.herotoken.io/register and complete the KYC process in order to receive their Hero tokens.

Thank you for your continued support in building the Hero community. Your enthusiastic support has been vital to the success of the Hero Origen Token sale. Now we must transition from the sale to the building of the Hero Capital Market Platform. We have some important updates which we are happy to share with you in this regard.

David, the founder of the Hero Project, has resigned from his operating role at PawnHero so he can focus 100% of his time and efforts on building the Hero Capital Market Platform. He has relocated from the Philippines to Europe where we will open an office in Barcelona, Spain and build the executive team for the Hero Project. We are in the process of hiring experienced blockchain developers and additional support staff to build and market the Hero Capital Market Platform in the Philippines and other markets in SEA. Europe offers the most experienced blockchain developers, infrastructure, and technical staff available to build the Hero Capital Market Platform. Building the right team takes time, but David’s an experienced entrepreneur and he has done this before.

As we’ve disclosed previously, we’ve already arranged for the trading of the Hero Origen token on the Qryptos exchange in Singapore. We are also actively working to arrange the listing of the Hero Origen token on additional exchanges. We’re moving as fast as we can on this, but we can only move as fast as the exchanges and the applicable legal authorities. We will provide an update once we have cleared the legal and regulatory compliance requirements for us to secure additional listings.

Please remember that the Hero Project is both a social venture to provide financial inclusion, transparency, and efficiency for the underserved populations of South East Asia, and a non-profit business that must like any business build its product and market it to its customers. As such, although we will share as much as possible with the community, we also have to keep certain parts of our business strategy, product roadmap, and marketing plans confidential, so we can maximize our business opportunity. This is for the benefit of all Hero stakeholders.

Although we used to provide a weekly update to the community, in this next phase our public updates will be less regular. However, we will endeavor to provide updates to the community on developments in the Hero Project as warranted. But we will never disclose private and confidential information and risk our competitive advantage. If you bought Hero Origen tokens and have any questions or concerns, you can always email us at [email protected]. Our team aims to respond to all emails from Monday to Friday in less than 24 hours (Last 30 days first time respond time was 16.19 hours).

We very much appreciate your patience and support. We will continue to publish Community Updates from time to time through our Telegram Announcement Channel t.me/herotoken_channel and Blog available at medium.com/@HeroToken/

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