Despite cryptocurrencies becoming a lot more appe

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Another Wall Street Trader Moves to a Cryptocurrency Exchange, Talents Migrate

JP Buntinx – NEWBTC – Sun May 13, 9:59AM CDT

Wall Street is losing a lot of talented individuals in rather quick succession. Steve Hunt is the latest individual to join this growing list. He is the former CTO of Jump Trading and has been acquired…

Startup Enables Users to Pay Ethereum at 11 Million Locations, Like Cash

JP Buntinx – NEWBTC – Sun May 13, 8:13AM CDT

Despite cryptocurrencies becoming a lot more appealing, spending them is still problematic. Very few retailers accept Bitcoin or cryptocurrency payments these days. That situation is slowly coming to change….

First View of Blockshipping’s Global Shared Container Platform

Guest Author – NEWBTC – Sun May 13, 8:00AM CDT

The Blockshipping GSCP ICO (Initial Coin Offering) opens for public sale on Monday, May 14, and while the main focus has been on achieving a successful ICO, the Blockshipping team has also achieved significant…

Bitstamp Reminds Users of the $25 billion Lost Bitcoin to Encourage Strong Security Measures

timcopeland – NEWBTC – Sun May 13, 7:03AM CDT

Blockchain intelligence platform Chainanalysis revealed in November that 20% of Bitcoin currently in circulation has been lost at a value of about $25 billion. On May 11, Bitstamp used this data to advocate…

Smart Contracts: The Best Way to Make a Deal

Guest Author – NEWBTC – Sun May 13, 5:27AM CDT

People make agreements all the time. In general, these agreements tend to be either hopeful promises secured by a handshake and some goodwill, or they are the really intense kind of agreement that requires…

Blockchain Will Drive Next Industrial Revolution: Major Wall Street Firm

Thomas Delahunty – NEWBTC – Sun May 13, 4:17AM CDT

Steve Chiavarone, VP at financial services firm Federated Investors, talked-up blockchain in an interview with CNBC May 11, calling the technology an “economic growth driver” and listing it among five…

Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis – Can BTC/USD Hold $8,000?

Aayush Jindal – NEWBTC – Sun May 13, 1:28AM CDT

Key Points Bitcoin price declined sharply after it failed to move above the $9,500 resistance against the US Dollar. There is a significant bearish trend line forming with resistance at $8,900 on the 4-hours…

Ethereum Price Weekly Analysis – Can ETH/USD Recover Further?

Aayush Jindal – NEWBTC – Sun May 13, 12:28AM CDT

Key Highlights ETH price declined heavily this past week and moved towards the $640 level against the US Dollar. There is a crucial bearish trend line forming with resistance at $720 on the 4-hours chart…

Bitcoin Cash Price Weekly Analysis – BCH/USD Upsides Remain Capped

Aayush Jindal – NEWBTC – Sat May 12, 11:08PM CDT

Key Points Bitcoin cash price found support around the $1,275 level after a major decline against the US Dollar. There is a major bearish trend line forming with resistance near $1,500 on the 4-hours chart…

Consensus 2018 Will be the Next Big Catalyst for Bitcoin, Analyst Says

Ricardo Esteves – NEWBTC – Sat May 12, 3:30PM CDT

Blockchain Week New York City, the annual conference also known as Consensus 2018, kicked off yesterday. Based on the market reaction in the previous three events, analysts expect the prices of Bitcoin…

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Issues Ban on Cryptocurrencies to ‘Protect the Public’

Thomas Delahunty – NEWBTC – Sat May 12, 2:30PM CDT

Zimbabwe’s central bank (RBZ) has banned the transacting in and trading of cryptocurrencies. The ban — which applies to all financial institutions —  was put forth by the RBZ registrar of banking…

Chris Matta Walked Away from Goldman Sachs Position to Venture Into Cryptocurrency

JP Buntinx – NEWBTC – Sat May 12, 1:00PM CDT

The cryptocurrency industry attracts talent from all strides of life. Anyone with financial expertise may have a slight advantage to find a job in this booming sector. Various Wall Street bankers are paying…

Major Hedge Fund: Cryptocurrency Market Surge Imminent, Build Positions

JP Buntinx – NEWBTC – Sat May 12, 12:00PM CDT

Cryptocurrency is an intriguing yet confusing industry. Every time positive momentum takes place, something negative happens to counter it. Despite this volatile nature of Bitcoin and altcoins, Linxus…

(Despite the Hard Fork and Historic Block Size increase, Bitcoin Cash is Spineless and dropping Like a Stone) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Technical Analysis: May 12, 2018

Dalmas Ngetich – NEWBTC – Sat May 12, 1:50AM CDT

Undoubtedly, the crypto market is fighting from an on-slaughter. Bears are baying for blood! Despite their May 15 hard fork, Bitcoin Cash isn’t finding any reprieve and so far it is down 20 percent week…

(UpBit Fraud A Crypto Sell Trigger) IOTA, Stellar Lumens, Tron, Litecoin, EOS: Technical Analysis for May 12, 2018

Dalmas Ngetich – NEWBTC – Fri May 11, 7:01PM CDT

Of course, news of UpBit involvement in fraud is shocking and more so spells doom for EOS and Tron coin holders. This is because the majority of the exchange’s trading volumes come from the latter’s…

Omnitude: Bringing Transparency to Online Marketplaces

Guest Author – NEWBTC – Fri May 11, 4:01PM CDT

The new landscape of corporate IT involves ever faster adoption of newer technologies, and Blockchain is no different. Companies of all scales are clamoring to see how ledgers, dapps, and Blockchains can…

Russian Crypto Money Launderer the Target of Suspected Prison Murder Plot

Rick D. – NEWBTC – Fri May 11, 3:00PM CDT

A plot to murder a Russian national being detained in Greece whilst fighting extradition to the U.S. over money laundering charges has been uncovered. Greek law enforcement found evidence of inmates in…

MakerDAO and Blockshipping Collaborate to Transform the Global Container Shipping Industry

Guest Author – NEWBTC – Fri May 11, 2:20PM CDT

MakerDAO, creators of the Dai stablecoin, and Blockshipping, creators of the Global Shared Container Platform, (GSCP), are working together to transform the global container shipping industry, enabling…

Australians Look to Bitcoin As Government Bans A$10,000 Cash Payments

Ricardo Esteves – NEWBTC – Fri May 11, 2:00PM CDT

The government of Australia plans to set up a Black Economy Standing Taskforce that aims to reduce the weight of illegal economic activity in the country. To this end, the commission is introducing an…

Roger Ver Expects Ethereum to Outperform Bitcoin by the End of 2018

Rick D. – NEWBTC – Fri May 11, 1:00PM CDT

Roger Ver has come out with some surprising predictions for Ethereum. The early Bitcoin-turned-Bitcoin Cash advocate believes a ‘flippening’ will occur that will see the market capitalisation of Ethereum…

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