Komodo (KMD) , built by the team behind Bitcoindar

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Bancor breached — Exchange working to alleviate issues

News – BNCOIN – Mon Jul 9, 10:38PM CDT

Bancor, a decentralized ERC20 exchange, in a statement released earlier today let its community know that a vulnerability in its network had been exploited by hackers who stole 24,984 ETH (worth approximately…

Komodo Price Analysis – Battling to stand out

Brookins, Das – BNCOIN – Mon Jul 9, 5:48PM CDT

Komodo (KMD) , built by the team behind Bitcoindark, is often described as a 3rd generation blockchain because it has been built with core design elements utilized from the Bitcoin and Zcash blockchains…

Bitcoin Price Analysis – Bearish in the interim

Josh Olszewicz – BNCOIN – Sun Jul 8, 11:50PM CDT

Bitcoin ( BTC ) has risen 16% over the past ten days, after falling 42% throughout May and June. The market cap stands at US$114.69 billion, with US$3.58 billion traded in the past 24 hours. Hash rate…

In profile — The Top 10 VC firms investing in blockchain

News – BNCOIN – Sun Jul 8, 8:38PM CDT

#1 Digital Currency Group Description: Digital Currency Group is clearly the most influential venture capital investor in the blockchain space. Based in New York, Digital Currency Group has…

Japanese messaging giant to launch global crypto exchange

Masayuki Tashiro – BNCOIN – Sat Jul 7, 8:42PM CDT

With trading fees of 0.1% Line says BitBox will be crypto to crypto only (no fiat pairs) with more than 30 cryptocurrencies tradable including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Target users…

Why India and China won’t lift their crypto bans

Andrew Gillick – BNCOIN – Fri Jul 6, 8:00PM CDT

The highest court in India this week upheld the reserve bank’s decree prohibiting the country’s banks and other regulated lenders from dealing with or supporting any cryptocurrency-related services, including…

Crypto Q2 – The Bearish Boogaloo

Josh Olszewicz – BNCOIN – Fri Jul 6, 7:22PM CDT

The total market cap for all cryptocurrencies and assets currently stands at ~US$250 billion, unchanged since the beginning of the quarter. The total market cap peaked at the start of this year, at around…

Cardano Price Analysis — The intellectual’s blockchain

Brookins, Das – BNCOIN – Fri Jul 6, 4:47AM CDT

Cardano (ADA)  is a smart contract and Dapp hosting platform that offers blockchain solutions comparable to platforms like Ethereum, EOS and NEO. It has, and is being built, with security, scalability…

Coinbase service launch marks new era in crypto custody solutions

Alex Lielacher – BNCOIN – Thu Jul 5, 8:13PM CDT

On July 2, Coinbase announced the launch of its new custody service for institutional clients . In simple terms a custodian is a financial institution that holds assets on behalf of its clients to ensure…

Binance and SYS respond to irregular trading

News – BNCOIN – Wed Jul 4, 7:40PM CDT

After Binance’s internal risk management system detected irregular trades from a number of API users, on July the 3rd, it temporarily suspended trading, withdrawals and other account functions. The…

Bursting of baby boomer bubble will be a boon for millennials

Andrew Gillick – BNCOIN – Wed Jul 4, 4:00AM CDT

Globally we’re at demographic crossroads where 1.1 billion baby boomers are exiting the workforce while 1.8 billion millennials, those aged between 22 and 37 according to Pew Research , are set to become…

Bye Bye Bull: Binance exposed

News – BNCOIN – Tue Jul 3, 11:24PM CDT

After a strong last four days, with the price of Bitcoin rallying to trade above $6,600, it fell by 2.5% in under four hours in the aftermath of the news of an attack on the world’s largest exchange…

‘Satoshi’ promises to reveal all in book on bitcoin beginnings

Kieran Smith – BNCOIN – Tue Jul 3, 8:17PM CDT

Many have been accused of hiding this identity, and some have even claimed the name for themselves. Few, however, have put in as much effort as the latest aspirant, who on Sunday published a 21 page teaser…

Investing in blockchain alternatives Pt II: Nano and the block lattice

Andrew Gillick – BNCOIN – Mon Jul 2, 8:00PM CDT

Even in the amusement park that is cryptoland, Nano investors have been on a particularly stomach churning rollercoaster. The cryptocurrency formerly known as Raiblocks went public in 2017  at a price…

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: Stacking up a currency against a supercomputer

Akbar Thobhani – BNCOIN – Mon Jul 2, 4:32PM CDT

These two very different blockchains now have the two largest market caps of any cryptocurrencies, with BTC at $128,469,761,721 USD at time of writing, and ETH at $58,534,876,766 USD. But beyond their…

Why Facebook’s crypto ad policies don’t really matter

Alex Lielacher – BNCOIN – Sun Jul 1, 8:26PM CDT

In January, Facebook published a list of prohibited content that it considered harmful to its users. This was part of its broader efforts to make the platform safer. With regard to financial services,…

Audit by FSA finds multiple issues with Japan’s crypto exchanges

Masayuki Tashiro – BNCOIN – Sat Jun 30, 8:18PM CDT

Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) announced recently that it has issued orders to six cryptocurrency exchange operators–Tech Bureau, Corp., BITPoint Japan Co. Ltd., BTC BOX. Ltd, bitFlyer, Inc.,…

Word on the street: VC looks beyond downturn for returns

News – BNCOIN – Sat Jun 30, 7:00AM CDT

A Hong Kong-based venture capital firm is placing a major bet that tZero, a security token exchange owned by e-commerce company Overstock, will be the future of tokenization.   On Friday it was confirmed…

June 30th:The great alt-coin migration

Aditya Das – BNCOIN – Fri Jun 29, 8:28PM CDT

The final day of June 2018 is significant in the crypto world given the mainnet transitions of a number of prominent tokens.  Vechain , for example, will move from being an ERC-20 asset on the Ethereum…

Ethereum Classic Price Analysis – Entering the mainstream with Coinbase

Brookins, Das – BNCOIN – Thu Jun 28, 9:32PM CDT

Following the announcement that Coinbase would begin offering  Ethereum Classic  pairings in the coming months, the price of ETC has risen by 18.8% (index price) since the 11th of June. Conversely …

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