WCL Solution Innovates Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Identity Documents

   2018-08-14 09:08

Hong Kong, China, August 14, 2018 /Isentia Wire/ – To enhance workflow optimization as part of business process reengineering, many companies in Hong Kong are looking for intelligent system to replace manual data entry of identity documents. WCL Solution offers customized Optical Character Recognition (OCR) integrated hardware and software system to help enterprises capture data on identity documents including Hong Kong Identity Card, passport, travel document and driving license.

There is huge demand for automatic identity data recognition from the insurance, banking and finance industry. Take loan application as an example, the OCR system by WCL Solution enables scanning and verification of application forms and supporting identity documents immediately at the point of entry of the bank branch via a single web-based interface.

Online insurance application can be processed immediately through mobile apps or e-form, with self-service upload of photo of identity document by the customer. There is no longer need for the applicant to present the identity document to the insurance agent in person, therefore speeding up the application process.

One of the benefits of deploying OCR to capture data of identity documents is enhancing customer experience. There will be no need of long queue waiting for the staff to input the data manually at reception desk or service counter. A customer in submitting online application can make a photo of his identity card from his mobile phone and upload to an e-form for automatic data capture. The customer can conveniently submit a copy of his identity card via website or mobile apps.

Errors in manual entry are greatly avoided. Smartphones and tablets can now become accurate, self-service identity card readers. Human errors prevention is a crucial theme in quality management system, OCR can definitely help organizations to get ISO 9001 certification.

Data of identity documents can be intelligently captured through a single interface connecting directly to the central server with integration with ERP, SAP and SQL. It is easy to search and retrieve the personal data of any customer, leading to great saving in time and manpower.

WCL Solution as a market leader in OCR has invented templates to process the data capture of various types of identity documents, including Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID), Hong Kong Birth Certificate, Hong Kong Driving License, Hong Kong Entry Slip, China Identity Card, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents, Macau Identity Card, Hong Kong Macau Entry Book, Hong Kong Macau Entry Card, HKSAR Passport and any passports issued by any countries with Machine Readable Zone (MRZ).

Not all software suppliers and solution providers in the market can handle data capture of international languages. The latest Optical Character Recognition system from WCL Solution can read over 200 languages including traditional and simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Russian, Vietnamese and Thai, therefore can capture data easily and accurately from identity documents from different nationalities.

Top enterprises and government departments in Hong Kong and China are now deploying OCR system to capture ID data. WCL Solution can offer customization to serve the needs of various vertical industries including banking finance, insurance, education, healthcare, etc.

ID Recognition is the ideal solution for access and visitors control of office buildings, reception desks of hospitals and clinics, check-in counters of hotels, cruise and airlines, banks service counters, etc. Identity data can be integrated to ERP, CRM, ECM, database, web portal and mobile apps. Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) greatly speeds up business processes and facilitates the deployment of smart system that involves real time identity data capture.

About WCL Solution:
WCL Solution is the specialist for optimizing business processes. We focus on automating business process, capturing, processing, managing and archiving of documents and data. Our goal is to provide total solution to customers based on their needs. WCL Solution works closely with world’s leading manufacturers to provide the most cutting-edge and reliable technologies in the market. We offer a comprehensive set of software and hardware solutions to fulfill customers’ needs and optimize their business processes.

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