TravelCash Announces Digital Alternative for Mobile Payments

   2018-12-05 20:12

When it comes to credit cards, merchants face high processing and transaction fees that can run as high as 3.5 to 4 percent. For merchants that experience a high volume of chargebacks, this fee can run even higher. Even paying 2 percent—not counting the additional monthly and per-item fees—can dramatically alter the cash flow of a business. With brick-and-mortar retailers facing increasingly tight margins, a low-fee payment system could mean the difference between profitability and running in the red.

“With our fees at just 1 percent, we save merchants 50 percent to 70 percent over credit cards and because the app lets merchants take payments immediately, no additional equipment is needed,” says Will Gozzard, chief vision officer for TravelCash. “The process is designed to be seamless and the savings are substantial.”                                                                       

For consumers, TravelCash is developing a digital wallet in the form of a mobile app, with many of the features being built to streamline the purchasing process, reduce the risk of fraud and eliminate waste. In the future, consumers will be able to pay for goods and services using a TravelCash QR code, collect merchant rewards such as airline miles or grocery store gas points, and save receipts, all through TravelCash’s recoverable wallet, stored securely on the Cloud.         

“In fact, we envision TravelCash being accepted in every aspect of life: from online travel booking sites, to grocery stores, from hotels to restaurants and at gas pumps – even on sharing economy platforms such as Uber and Airbnb,” says Gozzard. “With our app, consumers can simply pay on the go with their phones and not have to worry about any of the risks of carrying cash or credit cards.”

Funding/Token Sale: TravelCash has adopted a two-token structure with a non-security token to be solely used as a payment medium on the platform, and a security token that comes with certain ownership rights but that can also be used as a payment medium on the platform. Initially, TravelCash will be seeking up to $10 million from the sale of its Series Seed Preferred Stock, which can be converted into either TravelCash’s security tokens or Common Stock at the holders’ discretion. This two-token approach will ensure compliance with federal securities laws while at the same time create the means with which the company will run its operations.

About the Stellar Platform: Stellar uses a federated byzantine agreement model, called the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), to provide ultra-fast transaction processing though quorum slicing. Stellar is currently ranked 6th on with a total market capitalization in excess of $4 billion. Stellar is a non-profit organization that offers open-source development on its platform for existing and emerging financial technology companies.

About TravelCash
TravelCash is a digital payment and rewards management system that leverages blockchain technology to simplify purchases, reduce credit card fees, and limit the risk of consumer fraud. In addition, a cloud-based TravelCash mobile application will allow consumers to pay on the go at grocery stores, restaurants, at the gas pump, and even on travel booking sites and ride and home sharing platforms. TravelCash is proudly headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. 

Media contact:
Anne Szustek Talbot, BX3 Capital

SOURCE TravelCash

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