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Etizolam is known as a psychoactive drug that belongs to the class of thienodiazepines. Those substances are chemically related to another group of drugs, known for their depressant properties. All of the drugs that belong to the above category are known for their ability to produce specific effects to the human body, including muscle relaxation, amnesia, sedation and hypnosis.

Etizolam has some main effects that are described in details below.

Physical effects of Etizolam

– Muscle relaxation.

When people take this drug their muscles become more comfortable and relaxed and relieved from spasms or pains.

– Sedation. Individuals feel more relaxed, with less energy and sleepy.

– Hypoventilation. People start taking deep breaths and have the tendency to sigh more often-Euphoria. People feel happy with themselves, excited and care-free.

– Motor control loss. People usually feel like they cannot really coordinate the different parts of their body normally or perform movements that require precision. – Seizure suppression. In epilepsy, drugs like Etizolam can reduce both the severity and duration of seizures.

Cognitive effects of Etizolam Blotters

– Cognitive euphoria. People feel really happy, excited and joyful.

– Compulsive redosing. The feeling people have when the time comes to stop taking a psychoactive drug.

 -Anxiolysis.  People feel less stressed about life and more anxious-free everyday: Analysis, emotion and motivation suppression. Etizolam makes people feel flat as far as some emotions are concerned, including their desire to achieve their goals, their ability to analyze concepts, ideas and thoughts and their long-term memory, as well.

– Sleepiness.

Paradoxical effects of Etizolam 

Increased seizures, particularly in epileptics, increased anxiety and aggressive behavior – Suicidal behavior and irritability.

– Violent behavior and anger after effects of Etizolam the most important after effect of Etizolam is known as rebound anxiety. Users usually experience negative feelings, like apprehension, anxiety and worry that become more and more serious as the time passes. Another usual effect is called drowsiness. Patients feel a strong desire to take a nap without feeling tired. They feel full of energy, but they still wish to sleep. Individuals also, feel a considerable decrease in their ability to organize their thoughts. Finally, they may feel like they are angry at all times without obvious reason.

Subjective effects of Etizolam People who have taken Etizolam in the past have observed some particular effects which vary a lot among individuals. Those effects are totally personal and they are observed particularly in high doses. At first, this drug makes people feel sleepy and calm, but at higher levels patients become really agitated and restless. Symptoms like dizziness, euphoria, and motor control loss and muscle relaxation appear. These effects never happen all at the same time.

However, as the dose increases, the possibility of facing with these conditions becomes more usual. Moreover, adverse effects can be more severe and they can even lead to fatal circumstances, even death. Etizolam is a drug with various effects, both positive and negative for our body. People can easily order this drug online with the use of bitcoins at check out. Normal or tracked delivery can be arranged according to the customer’s preferences.

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