SC ASSET and BCPG launch Sun Share Project, the collaboration between the two leading companies in using blockchain to manage solar roof system for household consumption and electricity transaction for the first time at Neighbourhood Bangkadi.

   2019-04-18 02:04

          SC ASSET and BCPG launch “Sun Share Project”, the collaboration between the two leading companies in using blockchain to manage solar roof system for household consumption and electricity transaction for the first time at “Neighbourhood Bangkadi”. The innovative energy management is designed to ensure sustainable benefits for customers.
          Mr. Nuttaphong Kunakornwong, Chief Executive Officer of SC Asset Corporation PCL (SC), Thailand’s leading real estate developer, signed a memorandum of understanding with Mr. Bandit Saphianchai, President of BCPG PCL, one of Asia-Pacific’s leaders in renewable energy, to develop “Sun Share Project”.
          Mr. Nuttaphong said that the project is a SC cooperation with BCPG to install solar panels at residential buildings and the sport complex in “Neighbourhood Bangpadi” project and use blockchain technology developed by BCPG to optimize power management. Residents can buy and sell electricity automatically via blockchain platform, which does not require any installation fee. Plus, customers will gain two direct benefits as follows:
          1. Customers can save their monthly utility bills by using clean energy that they generate from their own rooftops. Additionally, they can trade electricity automatically via blockchain’s shared electric ledger whereas the power fee per unit is cheaper than normal.
          2. In case customers do not use power during the daytime or when they are not home, they can earn additional income from selling spare electricity to their neighbours and the sport complex which demand power consumption during the daytime.”
          In addition, SC ASSET and BCPG will further develop blockchain to link with BaanRueJai Application to facilitate convenience for customers in the future.
          “Neighbourhood Bangkadi” project is located in the northwestern part of Bangkok which is the potential location for an expanding urbanization. The project consists of seven detached single house and townhome projects to accommodate around 1,800 SC Families. “Sun Share Project” will be piloted at some locations inside Venue Tiwanon-Rangsit and Verve Tiwanon-Rangsit, which are the first two projects for sales. Customers will be able to use the service around the fourth quarter of 2019.
          Mr. Bandit Saphianchai, President of BCPG PCL, said, “As a pioneer in world-class energy innovation, BCPG is proud to contribute to Quality Living experience of SC customers by enabling them to generate electricity from solar power for their household consumption and using spare electricity to benefit the society. The company will design, install and oversee the overall power trading system, starting from the third quarter of this year. BCPG also plans to expand the capacity to meet an increasing demand for clean energy from other projects in the future”.
          “Sun Share Project” can be further developed to enhance big data and data management system for analyzing energy consumption patterns in the common area and sport complex, among others. This will enhance the time and schedule management of common areas and other central electrical equipment to boost efficiency and appropriateness of power consumption in the communities.
          “The project will promote circular economy because every unit of power will be used or exchanged without any surplus or spare. Electricity will not be wasted or lost, creating a network of green consumers in line with an effort to build low cost, low carbon energy for sustainable future.

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