Private Equity Firm FGA Partners at a Glance: Mergers and Acquisitions, Cryptocurrency, Cannabis

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May 14 23:27 2019

Private Equity Firm FGA Partners at a Glance: Mergers and Acquisitions, Cryptocurrency, Cannabis

A brief overview of FGA Partners, its culture and the business that the firm is focused on such as mergers and acquisitions, digital asset investments, corporate restructuring, cannabis and technology

FGA Partners was founded in 1998 under the name Falcon Global Acquisitions, the rebranding took place in late 2018. FGA is a private equity firm with a keen focus on making acquisitions of viable privately held companies worldwide. FGA was focused on international commercial real estate transactions from 2011 to 2015 and is currently making strategic acquisitions of viable technology and techcentric companies which have synergy as well as vertical integration possibilities with the firms current technology subsidiaries.

FGA’s primary focus is on companies that have good management in place that may be in need of some type of restructuring. These companies may have been mismanaged, may have little to no access to additional capital or may have been stunted due to lack of organic growth. These turnaround situations provide FGA with the opportunity to breathe new life into companies that would otherwise have shut their doors. Some strong areas of interest include technology driven industries such as modular construction, green energy, rail, aerospace and components. FGA’s number one goal is to insure smooth transactions from beginning to end with dedicated partners.

In the consulting area, FGA Partners provides their clients with various consulting services ranging from corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions to commercial real estate. FGA has strong relationships with various groups in the areas of securities and international business law, international shipping, domestic and international finance, commercial banking, mergers and acquisitions. The combined experience of the core team of FGA spans well over 100 years.

At FGA the core values begin with the belief that intellectual capital is the most critical part of the equation which allows the firm to provide innovative solutions and a broader view of the companies worked with and ultimately, having a truly positive economic impact. The FGA team is the most valuable asset,  they are proactive skilled problem solvers that see the various challenges in industries and acquisition targets as opportunities. The extensive experience and talent the FGA team gives a true base of intellectual capital that is second to none.


Whether it is as a firm or as individuals FGA conducts itself with the utmost integrity in everything that is done. There is no question that FGA adheres to the phrase “Our word is our Bond” in every aspect of the firms business and the lives of the FGA team. Continually growing from the things that are done and learning from any mistakes that are made, the firm as a whole holds itself accountable for the actions on every level. FGA’s reputation is paramount and the firm adheres to the culture and values set forth by the firms leadership and through out the firm.


Diversity, one of the cornerstones of FGA, the firm values it, are committed to bringing the best of the best to the team. That diversity allows FGA to create a well rounded and culturally diverse environment across companies which is definitely reflective of the firm, investors and partners. The firm is all inclusive and a cornucopia of people with different backgrounds, and FGA is agnostic to whether its a man or woman, their background, religious beliefs or sexual orientation, FGA is everyone and everyone is FGA in short. This outlook allows the firm to bring forward the best fits for the FGA family and fortify that strength moving forward down the line.

Mergers and Acquisition Consulting

In today’s global economy both publicly traded and privately held companies are looking to take advantage of the tremendous growth opportunities that are available. Organic growth is always the goal but strategic acquisitions that could be accretive to a publicly traded company inside of 12-24 months is a true benefit. Igniting growth is what investors crave beyond yield and it doesn’t matter whether a company is traded on the OTCQB, Nasdaq Capital or Global Markets, New York Stock Exchange or on an International Exchange, growth is what matters. Many companies that are publicly traded may have institutional investors such as private equity funds, mutual funds, pension funds and that one activist investor as shareholders. In all of those cases its the obligation of the management to spark growth, one way would be organic of course but lining up a strategic acquisition or merging with a compatible company could be key.

In some cases the management may feel that being acquired could be a better alternative to maximize returns for their shareholders. FGA Partners can be an asset in either of these situations. FGA may look to be the acquirer or act as a consultant to facilitate the merger or acquisition. FGA Partners works with micro, small and midcap companies providing them with merger and acquisition advisory services, both on United States exchanges and International Exchanges. The firm works closely with each client to ensure the success of the transaction. Working hard to understand the goals of each client and work towards those goals is key; the main focus for all of FGA clients is to create value for the company and their shareholders. FGA brings forward a cornucopia of other necessary services and professionals that are needed by any publicly traded or privately held company that needs to stay in compliance, from certified accountants to attorneys that specialize in securities law as well as mergers and acquisitions:

Digital Asset Investments

FGA works with both publicly traded and privately held companies and invest cryptocurrency that is owned by FGA into selected viable companies to not only strengthen their balance sheets but also to create a path to raise working capital for these companies When FGA makes a digital asset investment into a company it’s a tiered investment, meaning that the initial digital asset investment happens all at once and sits on the company’s balance sheet as a true asset and increases the company’s overall value. The second tier is consist of either a capital raise which would leave the digital asset on the company’s books or a scheduled liquidation or redemption of the cryptocurrency into fiat currency (US Dollars or Euros) would be set for working capital purposes. FGA’s digital asset of choice is the Pecu Novus Coin which is a part of the Pecu Novus Digital Asset Network. The network allows for FGA to schedule coins to be placed in escrow with specific escrow release dates attached to them. This has proven to be the most effective, secure and transparent digital asset network for such transactions.

Companies in industries such as manufacturing, technology, cannabis, real estate and import/export have benefited greatly from such investments:

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About FGA Partners

FGA Partners, formerly Falcon Global Acquisitions, was founded in 1998 and is a private equity firm with a keen focus on technology driven companies in the cybersecurity, smart technologies and blockchain technology arenas. The focus is on companies that have synergy with current FGA subsidiaries, companies that may have been mismanaged, may have little to no access to additional capital or may have been stunted due to lack of organic growth.

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