ICO Onboard Brings Unique Listing Platform Into African Market to Increase Exposure and Broaden Crypto-Investment Opportunities Within a More Inclusive Global Context

   2019-11-07 23:11

DURBAN, South Africa, Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ICO Onboard (https://www.icoonboard.com) recently announced its platform expansion into the African marketplace as a way to extend the platform’s reach, and with the intention to uplift and empower African investors. African speculators have largely been sidelined in the recent rise of digital investment opportunities, though ICO Onboard is changing that, exploring both new software and hardware investment options. ICO Onboard’s popular presentation platform showcases and empowers ICO investors to help raise funds and gain the positive exposure needed to propel those ICOs successfully into the market.

“With this expansion into the African marketspace, ICO Onboard is doubling its commitment to bring ICOs to a more fully inclusive global community,” said CJ Visser, CEO and Founder of ICO Onboard. “We will be utilizing our platform to level the digital-investment playing field, offering crypto to everyone who wishes to pursue it as a financial speculation strategy. But we’re also moving toward incorporating a more diverse offering: for instance, speculation on minerals and other natural resources from the African continent to help make a shift from software to hardware investments that includes circuit boards, etc. Education is key here, and we’ll be focusing much more on educating our African investors on all of their options.”

ICO Onboard: A 21st Century Investment Platform

ICOs are necessary digital elevator pitches to investors for securing the financial backing needed to succeed in digital currency undertakings. In addition to marketing and press releases, inclusion on a credible ICO listing site is a prerequisite for a new ICO. The digital landscape is an exciting place for the digital investor, but holds its share of hazards as well: digital scammers, empty schemes and outright fraud are just a few of the pitfalls that make investors wary.

The ICO Onboard platform offers a premium selection of active ICOs that is constantly updated, while providing quality, fact-checked information regarding ICO listings; in addition to showcasing multiple types of ICOs: Presale, Active, Upcoming and ICO Bounties. ICO Onboard does much of the vetting for investors in a multipronged approach, including its signature Onboard Press Media Listing Campaign, and investigating new claims and offering suggestions on those that are worth a second look.

About ICO Onboard

ICO Onboard is the number one source for all ICO listing services. Dedicated to giving its clients the best of ICO listing services, ICO Onboard focuses on three specific characteristics: dependability, wide-ranging customer service, and uniqueness. They get the marketing exposure needed to make ICO presales a success: by promoting active, upcoming and completed ICO campaigns. The overarching mission is to give clients continuous information regarding ICOs, so they can make knowledgeable investment decisions into these platforms. Learn more at www.ICOOnboard.com.

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