Billionaire Galileo Bitcoin: Does the BTC still buy in a reasonable way?

   2019-11-26 23:11

Billionaire Galileo Bitcoin: Does the BTC still buy in a reasonable way? 2

Billionaire Galileo Bitcoin: Does the BTC still buy in a reasonable way? 2

Tonight, the scientific magazine Galileo commented on Bitcoin billionaire Niklas Nikolajsen, co-founder of Bitcoin Switzerland, on ProSieben. The subject bitcoin and crypto-currencies touch again and again people who are neither crazy nor nerds. Why Bitcoin can be a good investment, but will not enrich you overnight, as in Galileo, you will learn in this article.

How could Nikolajsen become a bitcoin billionaire?

People like Niklas Nikolajsen are so called “Innovators”because they learned very early bitcoin and its potential. Nikolajsen founded Bitcoin Switzerland in 2013 and has probably already invested earlier in Bitcoin. Buying bitcoins was extremely cheap at that time: prices around 100 euros were normal.

Compared to the current price of 6500 € in Bitcoin, the yield would be 6400% (an increase of 65x), but over a period of more than 6 years. So, no trace of money fast. As an innovator, Mr Noklajsen took a bigger risk, but his investment was good, as can be seen in the Galileo report.

So, is it too late to join Bitcoin?

The crypto-millionaire’s dream went well for one or the other. It is only recently that we have recounted the senseless story of a millionaire Ethereum who betrayed the house and family and who did not miraculously steal his mouth. Today, anyone who makes such a promise to you back usually only wants one thing: your money. More on that later.

You may think that it is already too late to invest because the first phase of the “Innovators” is already finished. But that’s not true: very few people have treated Bitcoin until now, even though it’s been around for more than 10 years. Most have already heard about crypto-currencies, but have not really understood their purpose. Unfortunately, a contribution to Galileo is not enough.

Although Galileo talks about Bitcoin, but:

Bitcoin still faces accusations and bad press: crime, high energy consumption and lack of stability. In some of our articles, we refute these allegations. We are now in Bitcoin “Early Adopt” Phase, which is still a long time before the main adoption. If you think of few bitcoins compared to the inhabitants of the planet or even only in Germany, you quickly see what that means.

Billionaire Galileo Bitcoin: Does the BTC still buy in a reasonable way? 3

Billionaire Galileo Bitcoin: Does the BTC still buy in a reasonable way? 3

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Buy Bitcoin fast now? No, first inform!

Bitcoin is the first deflationary currency in the world, safer than any credit card and not controlled by troubled banks. All the right reasons, but beware: there are still a lot of mistakes and risks that result from an arrogant action. You should never invest money, what you need for the normal cost of living, and always do your own research. Education is important and when Bitcoin teaches us to appropriate our money.

Watch out for fraud! Bitcoin is a long-term investment

If you have enough information, the best ones are still reading a good book, but you must follow certain rules. But the best advice is: think long term and do not go crazy. Especially not many “entrepreneurs” who want to make you fast with the help of cryptocurrency bitcoin millionaire. We strongly warn against such scams and hope to preserve you from a serious mistake with this article. Who wants to invest in Bitcoin must understand the added value of this decentralized asset that he offers us and even even owns. This is also what Nikolajsen says in Galileo’s article.

This applies fundamentally: Do not trust anyone and use only secure services and platforms. If you are not sure, come here for our Bitcoin stock exchange comparison or chat with our Telegram community. Ask yourself questions and discuss the potential of cryptocurrency with like-minded people.

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However, we recommend that you do not use these predictions and statements with caution and invest only what you can lose. Get involved with Bitcoin and try to understand what it is. Please act wisely! As lucky and risky as the millionaire shown to Galileo has hardly anyone.

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