Rosa – Everything You Need to Know About the Rosa Finance Decentralized Pension Fund

   2021-07-20 11:07

Crypto market has surpassed the $2.4 trillion market cap where Bitcoin alone touched to the height of S1.10 trillion exceeded Mexico’s GDP stood around $1.09 trillion. Digital assets that outperformed all other asset classes in times of corona Pandemic geared up investment trends in crypto assets. Innovation in the crypto world could not stop here, DeFi boom marked another history with a total value locked $88.89 on May 12, 2021. The expansion of crypto markets and the growing trend of mass adaptation towards digital assets led to the creation of a ROSA decentralized pension fund.

Let’s explore the ROSA decentralized pension fund…

ROSA Finance is a pioneer in the decentralized pension fund powered by the most trusted Ethereum network & the widely accepted Binance Smart chain. It lets you invest in the next generation crypto retirement fund today to get the best yield tomorrow.

ROSA – (Retire on Secure Asset) pension fund lets you put your crypto capital in multiple savings plans and earn a passive income on your funds.  

What are the existing issues of traditional pension funds? 

The existing issues of the traditional pension fund that limits the profitable investment options for the investors. Some of them are; limited trade ability due to regular market hours, high entry amounts, Funds are centrally managed, a central decision-making structure, limited funds transparency & low interest rates are compelled the pension funds to mark the riskiest investment option for the investors.

How ROSA decentralized pension fund addresses the shortcoming of the traditional pension fund?

ROSA Pension fund – A complete solutions to the problems of traditional pension funds.

Alternative to the traditional retirement fund, ROSA found decentralized finances one of the modern solutions to address the issues of traditional pension funds. ROSA decentralize pension fund has ability to with no limitations, decentralized markets remain open round the clock, no minimum investment requirement bar, users are self-custodian of their funds, funds are managed by smart contracts, community-based decision making via voting rights ensures placement of funds, dividends are received on regular basis, open-source transparency mechanism builds through smart contracts and the best yields on crypto funds make it the first choice of the investors.

What is so special about ROSA? 

 ROSA pension fund is based on the hexagonal structure comprised of six unparalleled smart features that make it part of the first decentralized pension funds.


The network is publicly available for everyone. No central authority can manipulate the savings plans. No hidden charges. Users can view the progress of their account anytime, anywhere to ensure a transparent mechanism. They have full control of accounts.

Robust Ecosystem:

ROSA contributes astringent benefits to its users. Users can transfer their holdings across its multi-chain network without paying fees.

Modern solutions:

ROSA pension funds address a global need for non-standard forms of savings plans.

Scarce by Design

The project designs on the principle of scarcity where the supply of ERC-20 tokens reduces to limit the inflation while appreciates the value of holdings with ongoing time.

Diversified sources of Revenue:

ROSA initiates a Diversified source of revenue stream with diversified long-term holding plans covering the customized need of the users.

What are the four unique pillars of ROSA? 

The Four Pillars that erect the structure of ROSA pension funds are:

  • ROSA DApp

  • ROSA Bridge

  • ROSA Staking

  • ROSA fund Strategy


A Defi App bridging traditional and decentralized retirement funds, letting you put your crypto assets in profit-oriented saving plans & earn high returns on your crypto investment. 

The app enables low transaction fees with fast confirmations in a more efficient way to global access.

ROSA Staking:

ROSA staking methodology exposure to multiple saving plans using Ethereum blockchain & Binance Smart Chain provide the best yields. 

ROSA uses high tech staking methodology that allows users to earn a significant yield from their crypto funds by staking with ROSA. finances without switching their crypto wallets. This distinguishing feature stands out ROSA as a unique and prominent retirement savings hub than its competitors ever in a decentralized world.

ROSA let the users choose the saving plans that work out best for you & make interest on your plan by staking your crypto funds.

ROSA Bridge:

ROSA operates its function on Ethereum and Binance Smart chain & more chains to be added in the chain.

It advocates multi-blockchain interoperability and integration that would create compatibility between different blockchains offers a great degree of comfort level to its users. The ROSA Bridge allows holders to choose a decentralized ledger that suits their risk profile and requirements for stability and governance. 

ROSA Fund Strategy:

Users lock their tokens with ROSA savings plans to provide liquidity to the ROSA pool. ROSA uses staked tokens to offer loans. These loans are being offered to everyone who needs them with low-interest rates. All these loans are collateralized by crypto assets, keeping users’ funds safe. A user who funds the loan earns staking rewards from the compounding interest.   

Statistics witnessed the mass adaptation of decentralized solution worldwide: 

The world witnessed that digital assets have outperformed all other asset classes even in the worsen pandemic situation. The entrance of institutional investors in the crypto world such as Tesla, Mastercard, Paypal, and BNY drives up the worth of digital assets.

The Bank for International Settlements published a researched report indicating that 80% of the world’s central banks are striving to adopt digital payments.

The world is moving towards a cashless society where the use of digital payments increasing day by day.

According to the US-based peer to peer payment services provider, Zelle says, “Since March 2020 more than half of the people sending payments using its peer-to-peer payment services” It also revealed that in the first quarter, 2019, Zelle sent $39 billion using its peer-to-peer network through 147 million transactions. This payment volume increased more than 72% as compared to the previous year.

Square, the American financial services and digital payments company conducted a survey to determine global payment trends before and after a peak of the coronavirus, the survey revealed that the cashless payments trend increased manifold.

Use of cashless payment trend before and after the peak of the pandemic corona.

            Countries                                  Before                                        After







Great Britain  

10% – 



0.6% – 0.75% 





The survey ascertains the fact that people prefer to use digital assets instead of fiat currency.

The Global blockchain technology report 2021-2026 revealed the extensive use of blockchain technology by many that have the potential to grow at a 62.73% compound annual growth rate by 2026 reaching around $52.5 billion.  

Blockchain integration with emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things is the most effective, secure, and trusted way to authenticate transactions. It is also one of the main reasons for the rapid penetration of blockchain technology in mainstream industries such as BHP & VMware (Technology), Ant Group (e-Commerce), Equinor and Saudi Aramco (Oil & Refinery), JP Morgan Chase Investment Bank, Visa, Square and Paypal (Global Payment Solutions), IBM Corporation, A.P Moller-Maersk and Carrefour (Logistics and Supply chain services).   

ROSA Finance decentralized pension fund believes in multi-blockchain interoperability and integration. Blockchain interoperability transforms value sharing between various blockchains. The usability of different blockchain interactions ensures to use of a full-scale potential of the blockchain network. The interconnected blockchain mechanism helps to shape a multi-chain blockchain ecosystem and maintains transparency between disparate systems.     

Is it better to invest in ROSA decentralized Pension fund?

ROSA decentralized pension funds powered by Ethereum and Binance Smart chain coupled with remarkable features that offer diversified long-term holding plans, scarce by design limiting inflation mechanism and safeguarding the value of your holdings. Audited smart contracts keep your funds secure permanently. ROSA multi-blockchain interoperability and integration let users choose various savings plans & earn from their digital assets on whichever blockchain they are on.  

ROSA decentralized retirement fund fueled by ERC-20 tokens that are used on the Ethereum platform. ERC-20 tokens are unique in characteristics; it leverages an open decentralized blockchain protocol & ensures 100 percent immutability and security.

The price fluctuations in crypto assets can lead to a decrease in the value of deposits for a short interval but the length of time for staked deposit and staking rewards can offset the volatility of the digital asset.    

Considering the afore-stated facts, it will be a wise move to go for the ROSA pension fund to secure your future.    

Find out more about ROSA FINANCE and make the best decision for your financial future.




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