The Morning After: Cryptocurrency may be more centralized than you thought |

   2022-06-22 11:06

One of the boons of cryptocurrency is meant to beryllium that nary peculiar company, cardinal slope oregon authorities has control. Er, right?

That mightiness not beryllium true. Researchers for a study commissioned by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recovered determination tin beryllium “unintended centralities” successful these expected decentralized systems.

Cryptocurrency powerfulness is concentrated among radical oregon organizations with a ample chunk of the pie. Almost similar immoderate different capitalist system? Gasp.

“Unintended centralities” was the word used, defined arsenic circumstances wherever an entity has sway implicit a alleged decentralized system. This could springiness them the accidental to tamper with records of ownership. The study besides notes 3 ISPs grip 60 percent of each bitcoin traffic.

The study said 21 percent of nodes are moving an old, susceptible mentation of the halfway bitcoin client. Attackers could people these nodes and instrumentality implicit the bulk of a blockchain network. Theoretically, astatine least. But determination person been plentifulness of cryptocurrency attacks successful the past fewer years. Nothing incorrect with immoderate skepticism.

Real-life examples already exist: Read CNBC’s study connected lending level Solend. It’s had issues with 1 large relationship holder wielding power implicit the full platform.

— Mat Smith

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