Budget 2023-24 Expectation: Why government must focus on employer branding

   2023-01-24 04:01

Budget 2023-24 Expectation: Why government must focus on employer branding

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The government must make significant investments in employer branding given India’s critical status as the world’s talent nation and the government’s intense focus on digitising the world.

The government will need to hire as many technologists as possible from India and other nations in order to achieve its objective of digitising the entire nation. They will need to spend money on employer branding to become more appealing as an employer because high-tech engineers will make up the majority of their personnel and administrative staff will be in short supply.

Due to the dearth of engineers with knowledge in the coding of blockchain, robots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cyber security, and the internet of things, as well as the fierce competition among businesses worldwide for these professionals, it is also challenging to find engineers with these skills.

The government will also have to compete with leading high-tech companies like Google, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, and others for this talent. Therefore, it is forced to concentrate on creating their employer value proposition.

Other crucial factors that will lead the government to invest more on employer branding include:

To increase awareness

The government can attract top people through employer branding because it will never be able to pay as much as the private sector.

Needs for cyber security

As wars become more digital, cybersecurity will become more and more crucial. The nation with the greatest level of technological sophistication and digital transformation will hold the majority of economic power in the future. Therefore, as the government creates specialised IT or cyber units in each ministry, the demand for such talent will only increase over the following few years.

Securing international investment

India is the digitalisation poster child due to its riches of technology. India needs to be recognised as a global leader in digital technology if it wants foreign capital to pour in. All sectors, including manufacturing, supply networks, and insurance, gain a lot from the effective use of technology to provide high-quality goods and services more swiftly. The administration must preserve the momentum the country has developed in the post-pandemic world because we have a reputation to keep. Hiring experts and establishing tech hubs or museums showcasing futuristic work and prototypes supported by the government will be vital to making India a superpower.

Strengthening the defence

India needs to upgrade its military and armament in order to protect the security of the country when it reaches the height of its power. Online safety must always be a priority. Because of this, we require specialised knowledge to create such incredibly expensive machinery and weapons.

Final thoughts

Government organisations are currently unable to broaden their talent pools because of outdated preconceptions and cutting-edge potential. The greatest method to seize chances, clarify myths, increase awareness, and ultimately acquire more top talent is to develop and promote the employer brand.

It is consequently anticipated that the government will set aside some cash for employer branding in order to create and advertise itself as an employer of choice. It’s no longer a choice; it’s a necessity.

The author is Founder & CEO, Phoenix TalentX Branding. Views are personal.

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