Which songwriter was musical director for Marlene Dietrich? The Saturday quiz

   2023-03-18 06:03

The questions

1 Three-year-old Eliza Armstrong was the first patient at which hospital?
2 What is the world’s largest trade book fair?
3 Marduk was the chief god of which city?
4 Which songwriter was musical director for Marlene Dietrich?
5 Which three countries border both Russia and China?
6 Hakuhō Shō is considered the greatest ever competitor in which sport?
7 Where is England’s only statue of Bonnie Prince Charlie?
8 How is the boss of Stratton Oakmont described in a film title?
What links:
Labino; Lalique; Lipofsky; Liskova; Littleton?
10 Arius; Marcion; Nestorius; Pelagius; Sabellius?
11 Zika virus; chikungunya; West Nile virus; dengue; malaria?
12 Pui Fan Lee; voice of Jack Black; Turin and Piacenza; 84?
13 Cunningham; Owen; Beckham; McManaman; Woodgate?
14 Washington DC (1st and 2nd); Buffalo (3rd); Dallas (4th)?
15 Pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto; programmer Vitalik Buterin; singer Akon?

Statue of Bonnie Prince Charlie on a horse, in Derby, UK

The answers

1 Great Ormond Street.
2 Frankfurt.
3 Babylon.
4 Burt Bacharach.
5 Kazakhstan, Mongolia and North Korea.
6 Sumo wrestling.
7 Derby.
8 The Wolf of Wall Street.
9 Glass artists and designers.
10 Originators of early Christian heresies.
11 Main mosquito-borne diseases.
12 Po: Po in Teletubbies; Po in Kung Fu Panda; Po River flows through; Po(lonium) atomic number.
13 Englishmen who have played for Real Madrid football club?.
14 Location of US presidential assassinations.
15 Founded cryptocurrencies: bitcoin; ethereum; akoin.

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