Hasten Biopharma Acquires Commercial Rights in China for Roche’s Antibiotic Rocephin®

   2023-05-04 06:05

The acquisition will deliver strong commercial synergy with Hasten’s current critical care portfolio

SHANGHAI, May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hasten Biopharmaceutic Co., Ltd (China) (“Hasten”) today announced that it has acquired the commercial rights in China for Rocephin®, a long-acting, broad spectrum cephalosporin antibiotic, from Swiss multinational healthcare company, Roche. Following the closing of the transaction earlier this year, there will be a transition period between Hasten and Roche.

Under the agreement, Hasten acquired Roche’s China mainland rights for Rocephin®, including the product’s marketing authorization and certain intellectual property, including trademarks. As a critical care product, Rocephin® is a broad-spectrum antibiotic with strong brand value.

“Hasten is committed to building a leading innovative medical and healthcare enterprise in China. The acquisition of Rocephin® delivers strong commercial synergy with Hasten’s current critical care portfolio in the Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit, and Surgery departments, and positions us well to continue providing best-in-class treatments to benefit more patients,” Summer Xia, CEO of Hasten Biopharma, said.

Hasten is an investment of CBC Group, Asia’s largest healthcare-dedicated investment firm headquartered in Singapore, Hefei Industry Investment Group, and Feidong County of Hefei City.

About Hasten

Hasten Biopharmaceutic Co., Ltd. (China) is an innovation-driven pharmaceutical company. Adhering to our core values of integrity, agility, innovation, and accountability, we are committed to providing high-quality solutions to serve our key stakeholders, creating an ecosystem to provide better care for patients with chronic diseases, and ultimately achieve the goal of becoming a healthcare industry leader.

About CBC Group

Headquartered in Singapore, CBC Group is Asia’s largest healthcare-dedicated asset management firm, with an AUM of over US$7 billion. CBC Group is focused on platform-building, buyout, private credit, venture, and real estate, across the healthcare space, including pharmaceutical, biotech, medical technology, and healthcare services.

We are committed to creating lasting value by integrating global innovations and talents. Partnering with the world’s top entrepreneurs and scientists, our unique “investor-operator” approach has empowered leading healthcare companies to widen access to affordable medical care, catalyse innovations, and improve efficiency in fulfilling unmet medical needs worldwide.

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