Unlike James Harden, Paul George Cleared of ‘Cancerous Effect’ on Joel Embiid & 76ers Locker Room After Free Agency Move

   2024-07-02 05:07

We knew it was coming. It was becoming increasingly clearer as each day went by. The Clippers and Paul George just couldn’t find a middle ground. Yet, when the news broke, it didn’t stop the collective gasp that followed. The whole situation was, to put it mildly, quite hilarious if we are being honest, keeping instances of the past in mind. LA latecomer James Harden had pulled all the tricks in his bag to rattle an unshakeable Daryl Morey into trading him.

Although Harden did end up moving to the destination of his choice, the Sixers President stood his ground against James’ infamous moves. And now, one of the pillars of the Clippers’ foundation decided to be on the opposing team rather than alongside him. On the other hand, of course, PG’s decision was purely based on getting what he was due – a maximum contract worth $212 million for 4 years.

By now, you would have read and heard enough of just how big of a threat Philly can be with PG-13 joining Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey. However, Stephen A. Smith believes that’s not the only reason why this Big 3 will work out. In his latest episode of The Stephen A. Smith Show, the veteran analyst draws parallels with the 76ers’ prodigal son, Harden, and newcomer Paul. “Paul George doesn’t have the kind of ego that would have a cancerous effect on the franchise,” he said, clearly implying the effect ‘The Beard’ had on the Sixers in his one season with them.


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It had reached a point where the 10x All-Star’s teammates learned to do their bit without falling prey to every new antic James Harden would cook up. Did it affect them? Sure. NBA insider Wojnarowski had said as much in early October 2023, “He wants to make the 76ers uncomfortable, so uncomfortable, ultimately, they don’t think they’ll get the best out of him and make a trade.” 

It hadn’t ended there. James Harden had started his work much earlier.

From calling Morey a liar during his trip to China to promote his wine business in August 2023 to showing up late for preseason practice sessions, the team and franchise faced a lot of trouble. Well, Morey or Philly wouldn’t have to worry about any such problems now.

Stephen A. however, has a crucial reminder for the 76ers President for the upcoming season.

Stephen A. Smith warns Daryl Morey of a big shortcoming with the arrival of Paul George

No, don’t worry. The shortcoming is not on the part of Paul George. Rather, Smith has a word of advice for the basketball executive. “The real pressure is on Daryl Morey,” Smith pointed out. “Nick Nurse has won a title. Paul George is, in terms of his success and his activity, in his longest active ten years as a player, nobody’s played more games, without being in the NBA Finals, than Paul George.”

USA Today via Reuters

“Daryl Morey, with all his changes, with all the wheeling and dealing, with all the moves that he’s made throughout the years, has yet to guide a team to an NBA Finals appearance, let alone a victory. So the real pressure is on Daryl Morey.” It certainly is a point worth noting. With a perennial All-Star as PG also on his team now, Morey certainly has one of the, if not THE best, championship-ready roster.


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Now all he’s missing is a ring. Hopefully, the 2024-25 season is his lucky year.

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