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Gold Advocate Peter Schiff Criticizes Mark Cuban And Kevin O’Leary For Turning Positive On Bitcoin

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Bitcoin could prevent society from functioning and is an ‘extreme form of libertarian anarchism,’ warns this fund manager

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Grayscale’s Ethereum Trust Premium Follows Bitcoin Sibling Into Flipping Negative

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Janet Yellen Sounds Like She’s Scared Of Bitcoin – Bitcoin Magazine

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Bitcoin climbs back above US$50,000 after backing from star asset manager, Companies & Markets News & Top Stories

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bitcoin: Bitcoin climbs past $50,000 after backing from Ark’s Cathie Wood

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Billionaire Louis Bacon Shuns Bitcoin, Returns 70% By Betting On These Stocks

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As Bitcoin Regains Lost Ground, Options Traders Bet on $52K Move By Late January

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Bitcoin Trading Volume, Active Addresses Hit Record High Despite Slump — What That Means

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How bitcoin narratives have evolved to fuel current price surge

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bitcoin: Bitcoin crushes doubters as 224% rally proves it’s here to stay

  • 2020-12-25

UPDATE 1-British fund firm Ruffer piles $675 million into bitcoin in ‘defensive move’ -memo

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The Internet Archive will stop all your favorite Flash games and animations vanishing into the ether

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Curse or blessing for Bitcoin and Ripple? Biden confirms Gary Gensler

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Power over Bitcoin is held by a few. Is it at risk of a 51% attack?

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North Korean hackers steal billions in cryptocurrency. How do they turn it into real cash?

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bitcoin: Blockchain players beat gold and bitcoin in the pandemic

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Fortnite adds cheaper mobile payment option to circumvent Apple, Google fees •

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Riot Blockchain Claims Bitcoin Mining Is Getting Harder

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European Bitcoin Exchange Hacked for $1.4 Million, Claims It Cannot Afford to Repay Users

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Square’s Cash App Bitcoin Revenue Surges 600% in Q2, Profit Up 711%

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Fidelity: Bitcoin is ‘aspirational store of value’

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Here’s How Bitcoin Email Scams Have Evolved in 2020 Due to COVID-19

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Microsoft confirms its dual-screen Surface Neo has been delayed

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BRD Boss Recalls Operating Bitcoin Help Line During Crypto’s Early Days

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Bitcoin may be on the verge of an explosive growth — opinion

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